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Who is Turaylon

Hi, my real name is Michele Somma and actualy i live in a small town called Cellamare (Bari) - Italy. If you need you can contact me at djdrake88[at]
How you can imagine im a web developer that love stay tuned on the new tecnologies.

I like to work on both side of a website: backend - fronted. And my preferred tools for achieve the beauty of the web are mostly:

My Repositories

I must be honest, i need to study a lot of thing before i can really do big project with only my strength and for this i like more to contribute to other repository than do something myself ( for now ).
But i have startet a little project for helping people that love laravel and it is a visual cheatsheet that is still in development but ready to starting use it.

Thanks to ...

The web is growing, and great people are growing and coming out every day to share something that is simply awesome, to share the knowledge and bring you hand to hand to a glory path. For this i must thanks some people that teach me a lot o things, more that my school gave me.
Thanks to:


Check this laravel book that i have reviewed : Learning Laravel 4 Application Development "Learning Laravel 4 Application Development" uses a step-by-step approach to teach you how to build real-world web applications. You will learn how to create a web application from scratch as well as how to create and use packages to build reusable components to be used in your projects.
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